This 1,000 sq ft mid-century trendy pool home designed by +tongtong is situated in Toronto, Canada.

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Description by +tongtong The one thousand sq. foot pool home is designed to be multifunctional, the open-area interiors can simply rework from a pool home to a guesthouse to leisure area to work studio and occasion area. To emphasise the pool home’s mid-century trendy language, the flat roof was accentuated by bringing the roofline ahead, making a floating forehead. Home windows have been pushed flush to the ceiling to articulate the aircraft of the roof and supply daylight whereas offering privateness for visitors. Previously manufactured from stone, the outside cladding was relined with lighter and hotter cedar slats. The focus – the oval pool – was re-imagined with out altering its form by means of extending the patio parallel to the flatness of the roof. Go to +tongtong

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