Usually Scandinavian, Scandi, Norse Minimalism, there are many  names for Nordic interior design as there are variaty of it. White walls , grey or monochrome wooden floors, natural light allowance from wide transperant glass windows are what Nordic style of design offers to other cultures. By using typically Nordic space and wintery motifs in styling clearly confers brighter idea of Nordic mural. Combined with minimalist metal, wood, seramic and cloth materials of art Scandi style of design continues to inspire the world of decoration.

Nordic Interior Design 1

Nordic Interior Design 2

Nordic Interior Design 3

Metal ceiling and wall artwork with combined natural winter time snow glow illuminates the full room naturaly.Nordic Interior Design 5

Nordic Interior Design 6

Nordic Interior Design 7

Nordic Interior Design 8

Fluid shapes were used in all manner of work, be it architecture, furniture, textiles, painting or print. The style was widely celebrated as a break from the past, incorporating new and exotic materials from foreign countries, and with so-called Japonisme becoming popular in Western circles.

Preference for slightly more contrast in fundamental materials, such as darker wood flooring and boldly black-framed windows, feather filled sofas with mild grey color once more speaks the Norsk winter. Which is  represented in the black and white print that hangs above the grey tones of the soft furnishings. Also interbedded kitchen, stilish and self sufficcient, dinning bright brown wood table with white Nordic winter white plastic chairs,  and living space , full with cousy sofa ontop cushions confers both Scandi style design and western style home studio design together.

Nordic Interior Design 9

Zebra stripes with white and black under the low wooden center table,glass topped, is a modern line.

Nordic Interior Design 11

Nordic Interior Design 12

Nordic Interior Design 13

Nordic Interior Design 14

Nordic Interior Design 15

Nordic Interior Design 16

Nordic Interior Design 17

Nordic Interior Design 18

Nordic Interior Design 19

Nordic Interior Design 20

Nordic Interior Design 21

Surely Nordic Style combines different materials in decoration such as such as concrete and steel and takes an altogether warmer approach to styling befitting a hip industrial café. The enviroment is colored with with rustic wooden cabinets that house multi-colored reading materials while windowsills and corners are trimmed with indoor liv

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